4th day: Ek call ki keemat tum kya jano !

As every usual night, she was in her dreamland. The night was quite clear with lots of twinkling stars and a full moon. The silver rays were making her face much prettier than she was in reality. With glowing and smiling face she was looking very beautiful. It seemed as if she was either with him or she was thinking about him. Every single creature could feel her glowing and enchanting face which could attract everything around her. Suddenly, her facial reaction changed as if it was thundering, lightening and she was left alone over there. Probably, a huge storm was heading towards her which was able to destroy everything. Her innocent worrying face showed she lost him.
Just then, in her half-sleep she tried to get her mobile because she could hear the song (Plain White T’s 1234) ringing which she had saved as a ringtone for him. Her heart broke down into pieces and she started crying. She found out that her mobile was not ringing at all. Her mobile sang only in her dream but not in reality.
Though she tried to sleep again making her believe it was just a nightmare, she understood she was missing him a lot. She was waiting for him to take a small move(perhaps a sms, a missed call or just an email)

I wrote this long ago.. (2009)

Arpana 😉


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