3rd Day: Lesson Learnt!

Never ever tell your secrets to anyone.

I am feeling very bad today. I trusted and told a secret to someone.I think I told more than I was supposed to.It does not matter if you want to share your secret,pain,happiness with anyone.It will not affect anyone else if it is about your personal life.But as soon as it is about your friend,sibling or any family member do not tell to anybody.I told and I repent now. I should never have done it.

At that moment,I felt whatever I express it would remain between us.Unfortunately, it was not like that. It was told to next person and it kept on passing. I am so ashamed of myself. I hope it will soon be forgotten by everyone and no one will talk about it again.

As soon as you are talking about someone other than yourself you should be very careful. I realized it does not take much time to spread such news. Things are exaggerated…your trust is mishandled and the relationship goes wrong.

I really wish that things do not go worst.I have learnt my lesson and I will not repeat it.Never!

„Keep Secrets! Do not trust anyone easily!“….and think before you speak you never know how people can use the words you have said(knowingy or unknowingly)against you.

Arpana 😦


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