Dear Mr.Boyfriend

Dear Mr. Boyfriend,

I am very glad to have you in my life.One should be lucky and be very patient to get a guy like you. I feel happy that distance has never been a great issue for us to be together.It all started from a little chit chat and now here we are strong together even after many years.

You know,how much I miss you.Every time I see a couple walking ,holding their hands I look at my hand and sigh. I see partners giggling and having conversation with their eyes.At that moment I have to close my eyes and wish that you were here with me.When I talk to a friend and he/she talks about getting late to be home or spending time at home because his/her spouse is waiting. It reminds me that my you are waiting for me  as well and I am waiting for you …but  sadly we won’t be meeting soon.Lately,I have been missing you more  and more. Every single second I am alone I have to think about you.

Dear Mr Boyfriend,I cannot imagine me without you.Despite of having long distance relationship since the beginning ,you have become an inseparable part of me.I am glad that you are there.You are so strong,capable of not let my emotion  eat me up,and of course  no one can endure me except you.I am not an easy girl to deal with 😀

Hoping to meet you soon.I really wish us to meet soon.


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