Some one told me no matter what I should not expect from anyone. Be it love ,friendship or just a genuine help to a stranger….that person told me we should not expect anything from the other side.

In my view this world revolves on expectation.No one does anything for free. You treat a person with love and care because you want to be treated in same way by that person. You love your spouse, partner with all our heart because you want to get same or more love and warmth in return.

Expectation hurts, this is the bitter truth. You have given all you can and in return when your friend does not seem to put as much as effort as you do…it hurts!

I think I am hurt. Expectation means you are giving an important key to your happiness to some one else. I did the same and I still do. Giving away that key to my friends and people around me is making me quite weak. In return most of the times, I am just left alone( at least I feel it). This does not mean I have started being mean to any of them. Instead I try my level best not to show how disappointed I am.

I try to believe Life is beautiful and things will go on right track again.I still keep my expectations high…and I fly..


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