I do not know why I am not being able to speed up my car. I am neither being able to turn up the headlights of the car which could at least help me drive properly nor I am able to give lift to anyone.This particular car has slowed down a lot. I guess people have to push the car I am driving so that I can at least reach to a petrol pump. Sadly, there is no one. I guess I have landed at the place where there is no one. No one is around to help me repair my car.

There are other cars,trucks,bicycles passing by. No they are not competitors ,they are just fellow drivers. While passing by, they wave their hands,run with full speed and I can just smile back to them wave my hands and try to push my car on my own. I wonder if  I have less petrol or if I really need to visit to the repair center. My head is spinning and I do not want my car to break down. I hope it speeds up as soon as possible.